Washington Auburn youth lacrosse sports

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Frequently Asked Questions:
Q: Where do I register?
www.aylax.org and click on the orange register now button and select the proper team.  
***As a parent you will need to create your own account first.  Make sure you select "parent" and fill in your information including your birthday.  Once you have created an account you can add your child/children.***
  • All players must be registered with US Lacrosse prior to registering with the club (NOT NEEDED FOR K-2 PROGRAM).  There is a $30 membership fee paid to US Lacrosse through their website, which can be found at this address:  https://www.uslacrosse.org/membership
Membership will be verified during the registration process.     You cannot register your child without the US Lacrosse number.
Q:  How much does it cost to register my child/children and what does it include?
  • Registration costs for the 2020 season are as follows:
         Boys, Grades 3-4:  $195.00          (includes rental gear and uniform)     
         Boys, Grades 5-8:  $250.00         (includes rental gear and uniform)
         Girls, Grades 3-4:  $195.00       (includes uniform and stick/goggles if needed)     
         Girls, Grades 5-8:  $250.00          (includes uniform and stick/goggles if needed)    
​Q: Do the kids get to keep their uniforms?
Yes, our registration price includes uniforms.  However, they are expensive so we will design new uniforms for boys on the odd number years, 2019, 2021, 2023, etc.  For girls we will design new uniforms for the even numbered years, 2020, 2022, etc.
Please plan accordingly and purchase the uniform so there will be room to grow. 
Q: What happens if my child has growth spurt and needs a new jersey or shorts on the off year?
You will be allowed to purchase individual uniform pieces on the off year.  Prices/options will be displayed during the registration process for that season.  Again, it's best to purchase the uniform bigger so there is room to grow and play in it for 2 seasons.
​Q: Do you offer multi-sibling discount?  
Yes, we offer $20 off registration for each sibling that registers for our spring program in 3rd-8th grade.
​Q: What if I am unable to pay?
  • AYL was established to bring the game of lacrosse to all interested players, regardless of their financial situation.  If you have concerns, please consider contacting our Treasurer, Shane McNichols, at shane@aylax.org to set up a payment plan or to apply for a scholarship to help cover your player fees.  
Q:  Do you have catchment areas for lacrosse?
  • Yes, we do.  
Boys Catchment Area:  You must reside in the Auburn or Dieringer School District.  Dieringer boys must have plans to attend an Auburn HS.
**If a player attends a private school in Auburn they will need to play for the club where they reside, not where they go to school.
Girls Catchment Area:  Auburn School District Residents Only.  **If you attend a private school and your school does not offer a program the newest rule states that you will now need to play based on where you live.**
Q: What do our fees cover?
  • Team gear: goals, nets, balls, scorer table supplies, cones, etc.
  • Field costs
  • Uniforms 
  • Referee Fees
  • Rental Gear
Q: What is the refund policy?
If any program is canceled due to low enrollment or for any other circumstance, you will receive a full refund.
Player initiated refunds for registration fees are as follows:
Boys:  Up until January 21, 2020 - full refund
Starting January 22, 2020- no refund except in cases of hardship as considered by the AYL board.
Girls:  Up until February 11th, 2020- full refund
Starting February 12th, 2020- no refund except in cases of hardship as considered by the AYL board.
All refunds are for registration fees only and do not include any refund for fundraising activities, US Lacrosse membership, or Uniform fees. The AYL Board reserves the right to review refund requests on an individual basis.
Q: Does AYL make a profit?
No, AYL is proud to be a not-for-profit (501c3 organization) and offers some of the lowest registration fees in the state.
Q: How do I pay?
At the end of the registration process, you will be asked to submit credit card information. Registration will not be considered complete until payment is received. If you need to make alternate payment arrangements, please contact the Treasurer, Shane McNichols, at shane@aylax.org immediately after completing registration.
Q: When do I need to register?
The sooner the better!  1, We are offering an early bird discount of $20 off registration from November 1 to December 1, 2020.  Registrations are accepted on a first come/first serve basis.  With the continued growth of lacrosse, we anticipate that all of the teams will fill quickly.  To guarantee your spot, register as soon as possible. 
Q:  When does registration close?
Boys:   January 21st, 2020 @ 5:30pm
Girls:  January 31st, 2020 @ 5:30pm
Q: What team should I register for?
Your player’s grade level in the current school year is the first step in determining what team they are eligible for.
Boys teams will register based on their grade level and high school catchment area they reside in.  Choices are Auburn HS, Auburn Mountainview and Auburn Riverside.
Girls teams will register based on their grade level only.  
Q: Why is AYL starting the registration process so early?
There is a lot of planning that is already taking place!  To determine equipment and uniform needs, schedule games and assign coaches, we need to know how many players we will have next year.  The more information AYL has now, the better we can serve you and your team.
Q: How long is the season?
Boys:  The season runs from the first week in February to Mid May.  If a team opts to do a tournament this will extend the season until the first week in June.
Girls:  The season runs from the end of February to the mid/end of May.  If a team opts to do a tournament this will extend the season until the beginning of June.
Q: When are practices and games?
Boys Practices:  Practice will begin on Tuesday, February 4th, 2020 and run Tuesday's and Thursday's from 4:45pm-6:45pm at Auburn Riverside Turf Field.  On February 25th, 2020 practices will switch to Mt. Baker Middle School and run from 4:30-6pm.  Practice are usually 2x a week unless a coach opts for a 3rd day.
Boys Games:  Games are held on Saturday's only.  We play home and away games.  Our away games will be on the Eastside and home games will be at Auburn Riverside.
Girls Practices:  Practices will begin on Tuesday, February 25th and run on Tuesday's and Thursday's from 4:30-6pm at Mt. Baker Middle School.  There are usually 2 practices per week, unless a coach would like to add a 3rd practice day.
Girls Games:  Games can be held on Saturday's or Sunday's and sometimes both days.  Our home games will be at Auburn Riverside and away games range from the Eastside to University Place.
Q: What is Taking Care of Business Night and when is it?
Get fitted for gear, learn about our club, try on uniforms, meet your coaches and team.
Boys:  Wednesday, January 22nd, 2020 from 6:30pm-8:00pm, Auburn Riverside Library
Girls:  Wednesday, February 12th, 2020 from 6:30-8:00pm, Auburn Riverside Library
Q: What equipment will I need to play?
Boy's youth players need to purchase a stick, a mouth guard, cleats, and a protective cup! 
If you do not own equipment, AYL will rent protective equipment free of charge, this includes a helmet, shoulder pads, arm pads and gloves)  for the first two years they play lacrosse with AYL.  Please be sure to include equipment rental in the registration process. To assure that equipment is returned in good condition and in a timely manner, a $200 post-dated check for June 15th, 2020 which will be collected when equipment is checked out.  This check will only be cashed if you do not return the rental gear or if it is damaged beyond repair.  Otherwise, you will be given your check back once everything is returned.
Girls youth players may want to purchase a stick, girls lacrosse goggles, cleats, and a mouth guard.  ​We will have some girls gear available for (free) as well.  We will require a $75 post dated check for June 15th, 2020.  This check will only be cashed if you do not return the goggles/stick.  Otherwise, you will be given your check back once everything is returned.
**All protective equipment listed above is required to participate in practice and games.**
The K-2 Registration will open up in mid February 2020.
If you have further questions, please contact Ann Perry at ann@aylax.org